Image Azure Email Marketing - PostFix PhpList RoundCube
Azure Email Marketing - PostFix PhpList RoundCube
Azure Email Marketing Server - Full functional Email Marketing Server, that allows you not only implement unlimited email accounts, but also send bulk emails.

Everything is configured via GUI.

Based on: PostFixAdmin 2.92 PHPList 3.0.12 PHPList 2.0.12 Admin RoundCubeMail 1.0.5 PhpMyAdmin PostFix 2.6.6 (mySQL) DoveCot 2.0.9 (mySQL) PostGrey 1.34

Just deploy this image and browse webpage of your new deployemnt to get detailed manual.

All passwords: Mama101%

New Features:
1. DKIM now is working properly
2. Security improvement!
3. Postfix reconfiguration to remove sensitive headers like X-PHP-Originating-Script List-Help while sending emails from PHPLIST.
4. PhpList Subscription page available without login (without htaccess).
5. Improved Support for Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates

Step by step manual

Just after deployment please log in using SSH and set password for webpages that include manual and links to the applications:

htpasswd -c /var/www/html/.htpasswd admin

after that go to webpage of your new server enter your password and login admin
Mariusz Ferdyn
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